Meet Colleen

  • A Motivational Tutoring session is as simple as turning on your computer!  Sessions are held in person or via Skype.  An in-person session allows the student one-on-one personal attention that promotes success that can translate into the school environment and in daily life skills.
  •  A Skype session can be a comforting way to receive tutoring for students who are extremely busy or who prefer the privacy of their own home setting.  We accomplish the work in the same way as in an in-person session.  Goals are discussed with attainable time frames, and together we work to complete all tasks in a timely manner.
  •  Through programs such as Google Docs and Screen Sharing, students can be sure all work is accurate and complete.
  • Students who are behind in work will find they are caught up and even ahead of the game while working together.
  • More than ever before, students today value technology and see how beneficial a personal tutor can be in growing their confidence as well as their academic progress.